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case study: amber, a springboard customer

"I've found out all member of staff I could approuch with confidence who can give me support I needed."


Springboard User

Hi my name is Natasha, I am 16 years old. Whilst attending school I was working hard and perparing for my exams and my qualifications, and hoped I could progress my art at Grimsby Institute.

At begining of 2016 I was diagnosised by consultant that I've had a lifelong illness which is called "Multiple Sclerosis" Which is a medical condition which can affect the brain. Due to my illness I had to spend my time in hospital, which provented me taking my exams.

My art deteriated badly and lost my Confidents on picking up a pencil and draw. It was agreed to tempory postpone my full-time course with the college, as my confidents and my aselfestem was an all time low.

I agreed to attend the Springboard YEI in September 2016. I've found it hard but plucked up the courage to walk through the front doors where Sally will be waiting for me, who gave me loads of surrport and makes me feel welcome everytime I come into the learning centre, she also became a good friend of mine. I gave Sally my phone number so I can tell her I am here or not also if I have any problems.

then Sally walks through the double doors where my class was then she introduced me to Chris who is educating me on my maths and english. I find Chris to be very friendly, funny and a good sense of humour. I also class Chris as my fiend.

Also whenever Sally isn't here, this really nice lady called Rachel looks after me and supports me.

I've found out all member of staff I could approuch with confidence who can give me support I needed.

I hope I inspire others to approuch and walk through the front door like I did. As my selfeteem has picked up leaps and bounds.

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